Geo Grid

*Highly effective for soil reinforcement such as retaining walls, embankments, steep slopes, sub grade stabilization and waste containment.    Phone: 226-486-1522

Wood Stakes

*Used for grade stakes, survey stakes, tree stakes, landscaping stakes or forming stakes.

​*2" x 2" (25/bundle)  or 1" x 2" 50/bundle with pointed ends.

*24", 36", 48", 60" or 72" available. 

Sod Staples

*Can be used to secure Geo Textile and Erosion Production.

​*Also used to keep Sod in place on slopes.

Steel T Post

*Excellent line posts, as they ground uninsulated wires and without causing rust.

​*Green LD available in 6' or 7' (bundles of 50).

*Can be purchased individually as well.

Phone: 226.486.1522

7118 Wellington Road 124

Guelph, ON N1H 6J3

Using a GPS to find us? We are located in Guelph/Eramosa township

Grass Seeds & Fertilizer


Orange Safety Fence

*Diamond pattern in 4' x 50' rolls.

​*Light duty, heavy duty, heavy duty with caution tape.

Landscaping Fabric (Non-Woven)​ - Winfab 400N (4oz /syd)

*Useful for weed control and sub grade soil separation.

*Will Allow water to flow while preventing soil erosion or so​ loss.

*Available in 4'2", 12'6" and 15' widths (custom size upon request).

*Other thickness 3oz/syd, 6oz/syd and 8oz/syd available.

Erosion Control Blankets

*Fully photo degradable and bio degradable.

​*Double net straw - 100 sq/yds/roll

Oakville Stone now available


Silt Fences​ 

*Suitable for perimeter control around piles.

*Interior control below disturbed area where runoff occurs.

*11 or 14 stakes / 100' rolls, MTO Spec or wire backed.