Premium Peat Moss

Organic Potting Soil

MoistureMax Potting Soil

1/2" Screened ​TopSoil - Used to build areas for lawn and boulevards.

Potting Soil and Soil Amendments

Top Dress Lawn Mix - Used to fix up your existing lawn leveling out holes or uneven areas to provide a seed bed.    Phone: 226-486-1522

1/2" Screened Compost Manure -​Ideal to add nutrients to your flower beds or gardens.

GRO-MAX -Premium Garden Soil. Blend of compost, aged bark, coil and mineral soil.  Used for annual, perennial and shrub plantings.

Triple Mix - Mix of top soil, manure compost and live mulch.  Ideal to lighten up your soil in flower beds or gardens while adding nutrients.

Phone: 226.486.1522

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Sold in bulk by the yard or half yard, also sold in 50 LB bags.