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Using a GPS to find us? We are located in Guelph/Eramosa township

1" - 3" Natural River Rock - Commonly used for decorative landscaping, drainage.​and to prevent erosion. Easy to work with.

1" - 3" & 3"- 7" River Stone sold in bulk by the yard or half yard, also sold in 50LB bags..

3" - 6" RIP RAP - Also know as Shot Rock, Rock Armour on Rubble.  Is man placed rock or other material used to armour shore lines, stream beds, culvert entrances, swales or other drainage run off areas. It is a crushed irregular shape designed to stay in place and hold by bank areas.

3" - 7" Natural River Stone - Round stone used for landscaping where the stone is more of a focus. It contains a nice blend of size for even coverage.    Phone: 226-486-1522

Armour Stone - Natural quarry stone, quarried by drilling and blasting, so it's final size, shape and quality can not be guaranteed.  It can be ordered in a variety of sizes.

Please call to discuss needs!

Black Granite - 18Kg Bag

Large Marble Stone - 18 Kg Bag

Large Terra Red Stone - 18 Kg Bag

​3/4" - 1 1/4 River Stone - 18 Kg Bag.

Redi Rock Retaining Wall Systems - A man made rock designed for retaining walls and shoreline walls for commercial and residential uses. 

Please call to discuss needs!